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What Does Sell & Stay Involve?

Our Sell & Stay program allows homeowners to sell their home to us and lease it back! We’ll buy your house; you’ll get the money you need and stay in your home as a renter for as long as you want. This unique agreement has the flexibility to let you buy your home at any time.

Know The Benefits!

  • Get the money you need: In a few weeks, you’ll get up to 90% of your home value in cash! Then the remaining 10% will go to your Sell & Stay.
  • Bring flexibility to your future: With this option, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to repurchase your home or allow us to sell it on the open market. If applicable, you’ll receive any remaining values from the program.
  • Reduce housing expenses: As new owners, we’ll take care of HOA fees, homeowners’ insurance, and taxes.

Get a complete evaluation: Unlike when working with lenders, we’ll procure a wider range of credit history and income types.