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Local Exposure

  • PRINT ADVERTISING: As an important part of marketing your home, The Redstone Group will continue to utilize print advertising. This includes flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and the like.
  • DIRECT EMAILS LIST: A strong email marketing strategy also contributes to a successful home sale. To get more leads, The Redstone Group will send an email blast to potential homebuyers extolling your property’s best features.
  • PROPERTY WEBSITE: To enhance the focus on your property and capture leads, The Redstone Group will create an informative landing page for you, which is connected to the team’s main website.
  • PROFESSIONAL DAYTIME AND NIGHTTIME PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s essential for homebuyers to see your property in the best light – during the day to showcase your curb appeal and the amount of natural light that streams indoors, and at night when well-placed light can highlight its best features. Enjoy professional photographs that will show off the best for your home.
  • AERIAL DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY: To showcase your home’s exterior, location, and views, The Redstone Group will hire a professional aerial drone photographer to capture all the best angles of your property.

Our Neighborhoods

home with wood shingle roof arlington va

Arlington, VA

street with city homes alexandria va

Alexandria, VA

Springfield, VA

Washington D.C

  • 3D VIRTUAL TOUR: Virtual tours are a great way to give local and international buyers a 360-degree view of your home. The Redstone Group will produce a virtual tour that highlights the property’s layout and façade.
  • FEATURED LISTINGS: A part of The Redstone Group’s integrated marketing strategy is prioritizing your listing on their website. When you employ the team to sell your home, your property will be prominently featured on the home page.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Since the majority of adult Americans are on social media, The Redstone Group will take advantage of various social media platforms in order to connect to potential buyers—including on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • SIGNAGE: Real estate signs provide a great opportunity to build awareness about your home for sale. To attract people driving through your neighborhood, The Redstone Group will put up well-designed signs around the area that will really attract attention for your home.
  • PERSONAL CONTACTS: The Redstone Group has a huge network of personal and business contacts that includes developers, businesspeople, and designers. To spread the word about your home for sale, the team will contact them via email.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: Nowadays, most buyers start looking for a home online, whether it’s to look through a real estate website or check out leads across social media platforms. That’s why The Redstone Group will create a marketing strategy tailored to you.